Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for auctions?

After signing into your account on any number of our platforms, go to the auction page or item page and click on the blue “Register For This Auction” button. Review the terms of sale, click “Yes, I agree to the terms of sale” and then press “Register”. Alternatively, you may also register for a sale by submitting an absentee bid.  Please note, you must be approved to bid before you are able to participate in a given sale.

How do I get approved to bid?

Register on the auction platform first. Approval time and criteria vary. If you have been approved to bid, you will be notified via email.

Can I bid using my mobile device?

Yes. You can watch live and bid on live auctions using our mobile apps (download apps from iTunes and Google Play stores).

How can I leave a bid before the live auction begins?

Select a maximum bid in the drop-down box on the item page and click the “Place Bid” button. Confirm your bid (including applicable buyer’s premium). Next, agree to the Terms of Sale’ by clicking the “Confirm” button. Finally, you will get a confirmation that your bid was submitted. Please note, all bidders and bids must be approved by us first.

How does Absentee bidding work?

An absentee bid will be submit on your behalf automatically based on the following criteria:

1) If no other bids start at the start price.

2) If there are other absentee bids start at the lowest non-competitive amount:

Example: I place a $100 absentee bid and you place a $300 absentee bid.  The starting price is $70.  The first bid that would come in, because our bid amounts compete up to $100 would be to you at $110, or whatever the next increment up from $100 happens to be.

3) If two absentee bids are left in the same amount, open at that amount to whoever bid first.

Example: You bid leave a $100 on Tuesday and I leave a bid of $100 on Thursday. When the lot comes up in the live auction on Saturday, it will open to you at $100.

4) If the floor places a bid, submit a competing bid at the next increment up.

5) If someone online bids using the live bidding console, take the bid at that amount.

6) Stop submitting bids when the max amount is reached. Bidders using the live bidding console to bid live during an auction must surpass the maximum absentee bid value before they can be recognized as the high bidder.

Can I bid lower than the start price?

We do not allow bids below the start price.

Do your items have reserves?

No. We do not use Reserves. We request that our consignors stay fluid on their selling expectations and while we have an idea of their bottom line number, we ask that they be present on auction day to determine whether the bidding max meets or exceeds their expectations.  This enables better pricing to our customers and more success in selling products for our consignors.

How do I verify the authenticity of an item?

The best way to verify the authenticity of the item is to review the item thoroughly before bidding, and requesting any information you find necessary to feel secure winning the item prior to bidding. This could include reviewing all images, asking us for more images, asking us for a detailed condition report or to confirm any details that are important to you that might not be mentioned in the item’s description. Keep in mind that as many items on the site are second hand and/or antique, that the absence of a condition report on an item page in no way means that the item is in pristine condition, and that any questions about the condition of an item unstated on the item page, should be asked of the auctioneer directly. Laguna Beach Auction House guarantees authenticity of all luxury goods.

How do I know if I have won an item?

If you win a lot it will show up on your profile in the Won Items section.  All payment and shipping arrangements are made directly with us, so if you do not see the answer to your question in our terms and conditions it is recommended to contact us before the auction. While we are often short-handed during the live auction, we will certainly respond right after and email you an invoice with payment instructions within 24 hours of the end of the auction.

Do I get a notification when I win?

Yes, if you’ve won an item, you will receive an email titled “You Won!” from us and the platform the auction appeared on.

I bid by accident; what do I do?

Absentee bids left before the auction can be retracted up to 2 hours prior to the auction. No other bids can or will be retracted.

How do I pay for an Item I’ve won?

If you win a lot it will show up on your profile in the Lots Won section. We will email you an invoice with payment instructions within 24 hours of the end of the auction. Invoices will typically contain a “Pay Now” button that can be used to check out using a credit card, ACH or wire.

How do I get a refund?

Laguna Beach Auction House does not accept returns or give refunds except in a case where authenticity is disputed. Placing a bid is a legally binding contract which will be enforced. Please review the terms and conditions of your purchase in advance.

What is a dispute?

A dispute is a flag that is placed on your account when you have won an item during an auction and have not completed payment. All disputes are filed by us at the auction house, and therefore, must be resolved with us directly.  Disputes may affect your ability to bid in future auctions–please try to resolve disputes with us quickly.

How did I get a dispute?

Disputes are filed if you have not successfully paid promptly for an item you won.  Disputes may affect your ability to bid in future auctions–please try to resolve disputes quickly with us.

If you have questions not answered here, email us anytime at